About Aya the Chainsaw Chix!

Hello everyone!

Celebrate for got the T-shirt of the Chainsaw Chix, and this blog is start. yay!!

Then, introduce myself little bit.

My name is Aya Blaine, I’m Japanese, born in 1974.

I started Chainsaw Carving April 2004.

I married Michael in 2007.

I gave birth to our son Freddy in 2008.

We live in White Haven Pennsylvania.

I’m live in USA since Sep. 2009, but my English is still not so good. Please forgive my strange English! lol

So, I’m keep trying to get better English. Maybe sometimes I’ll edit my bad English…hahaha!

I’m just join in the Chainsaw Chix that an international team of female chainsaw sculptors.

2010 11 16 (6)  

Our great agent Jen said, “2011 will be busy year for us!!”

OK, I’m READY to the Rock’n’Roll!!

I’ll be MY BEST!!

Here is some of my carvings… 

045 028 2006千葉 その他 041 aya ride on deer 2006  2010 09 09 062 2009 06 04 009 2010 10 03 (13) AYA's piece '07 June 015 2010 08 20 119 2010 07 06 from Michael 044 2010 10 07 (11) native american-2 2006


Here is some link.

Michael‘s Blog…Michael’s Dream Wood

We can carve what you want!! Please contact us for special orders, onsite stump carvings, portrait carvings, etc etc…

Contact Michael Blaine at 603-438-4307 or e-mail dreamwood@live.com for more information.


CHAINSAW CHIX website…ChainsawChix.com

The Chainsaw Chix can be hired to draw unlimited media attention and offer your event something new and fresh.

Contact Jen Ruth at 1-888-Chainsaw or e-mail jen@chainsaw.net for more information on the hottest thing to hit the entertainment industry in years!


And we are in facebook. We have a lot of pictures of our carvings there! Check it out!! Aya’s page, Michael’s page, Fun page of Dream Wood hit the Like!

Also facebook fun page of Masters of the Chainsaw & Chainsaw Chix, Performances Competition Sculptors hit the Like!


Aya’s Blog(sorry just in Japanese, but you can see my pictures)…B_Aya Crazy about Chainsaw (Bあやちぇんそーぐるい)


Thank you!!


About ayachainsawchix

My name is Aya Blaine, I'm Japanese. I and my husband Michael are Professional chainsaw carver team "DREAM WOOD". Also, I am a member of the CHAINSAW CHIX. CHAINSAW CHIX is an international team of female performance carvers has been created to focus on the ever growing population of female chainsaw sculptors. Michael Blaine's blog "Michael's Dream wood" http://michaelfblaine.spaces.live.com/ More information of CHAINSAW CHIX, http://www.chainsawchix.com/ Aya's blog (in Japanese) http://bayachainsaw.blog3.fc2.com/
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3 Responses to About Aya the Chainsaw Chix!

  1. Michael F. Blaine says:

    Nice start on your new web site Aya.

  2. Lisa Doeren says:

    Hi Aya!
    I love your website. I am so glad I was able to access it at work. Most of the chainsaw carving websites are blocked, so I was really happy to be able to look at yours. Lots of awesome pics and so nice to see the pictures of Freddy!!! Hope all is well. I am praying for everyone in Japan right now… I hope your family is okay. Hugs!!

    Lisa Doeren

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